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Computerized Numerical Controlled Burning Table


Lightship is proud to announce that we now have a CNC (Computerized Numerical Controlled) burning table. After repairing and retrofitting Servo Drive Smart Motors that are computer controlled, Lightship will now have the ability to import customer part files to be cut using our table and software. Lightship also has the ability on site to design customer parts using are engineering software.

The Burn table itself has a capacity to cut parts in an array up to the 6'x10' table size on our machine, burning parts using a flame cut method in material ranging from 1/8"to 3" steel. In the near future we will adding a plasma torch to our table to further satisfy our customer needs, and increase the ability of our machine enable ling us to cut more types of metal like aluminum, stainless, brass, copper, or any other conductive metals.


Feel free to contact us at Lightship to answer any of your questions, or email us.

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