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Generator Sales

Rarely does the average person realize the importance a constant supply of electricity has on our daily business activities. A common power outage could keep your business without power for hours or even days. Our utility companies are continually being asked to handle increased power demands, and periodic blackouts and brownouts are inevitable.

You don't have to lose valuable time and business due to these power outages! The Lightship Group has been selling and servicing Standby Generators since 1983, ranging in capacities from .65 KW to 1.5 MW. As the largest Kohler and GMI Generator dealer in Rhode Island, Lightship is continuously involved in the maintenance, repair, and testing of Kohler and GMI units, as well as units manufactured by others.

Generator Service & Maintenance

With over 300 units under maintenance contracts, we have the expertise to maintain, repair, overhaul, and test your generator. Our mobile load bank testing center is ready to be transported to your facility to verify your generator's ability to provide for your power needs when called upon in an outage.

Our highly skilled, factory trained technicians provide onsite preventive maintenance, keeping your standby power source in proper working order, ready to step in and take over whenever needed. We will even keep track for you of when service and/or testing is due, leaving you free to attend to other business needs.

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