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Vessel Activation and Deactivation

The SS CAPE NOME returning from a successful activation performed by Lightship
SS Cape Nome

The Lightship Group has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence in providing marine engineering and technical services to the maritime industry. Whether the task be as immediate as to provide vessel riding crews during an emergency at sea, or as technical as performing dock and sea trials, we deliver the professional support necessary. With a staff of licensed U.S. Merchant Marine Engineering & Deck Officers and crew, The Lightship Group can provide engineering support to ensure timely and efficient vessel activation, deactivations, dock, and sea trials.

During Operation Shield and Desert Storm, The Lightship Group provided the manpower and equipment that assisted in the "breakout" of thirteen United States Maritime Administration (MarAd) Ready Reserve Force (RRF) vessels.

The Lightship Group maintains one of the largest equipment condition monitoring databases in the country for Maritime Administration Vessels.

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