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Lightship Group routinely performs dockside repairs anywhere on the East Coast, with emphasis on the busy Northeast from New Jersey to Canada. Clients include the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, NOAA, the U.S. Maritime Administration, the Military Sealift Command, shipyards, research vessels, universities, and commercial ship owners from around the world. Lightship has access to waterfront facilities in Boston Harbor and in Rhode Island including two piers over 700'. Lightship has Mobil capabilities unlike most other ship repairers with Conex boxes, Tanks, Trailers, Spray Equipment, and large trucks, all designed to bring our repair capabilities to your vessel.

Standard repairs include ABS certified welding and fabrication, pump and motor repair, heat exchanger repairs, valve repair and testing, electrical repair and installation, ABS piping repair and installation; deck and tank repairs. Specialist repairs include the latest vibration analysis, laser alignment, infrared thermography, Hi Pot testing of motors, boiler hydrostatic testing, spray tank coating with specialized ballast tank coating systems, generator repairs, and epoxy decking.

View work performed on the Mass Maritime vessel Enterprise

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