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Pier Surveys, Vessel Mooring and Heavy Weather Plans

Rapid Response - Thorough Surveys - Accurate Dependable Plans

Lightship mooring plans are based on thorough analysis of vessel deck gear and pier bollards and cleats. Lightship performs all analysis in general accordance with NAVSEA Design Data Sheet, DDS 582-1, "Calculations for Mooring Systems". A minimum safety factor of 3.0 times the maximum calculated stress is generally maintained for all mooring lines subject to tension forces, based on the minimum breaking strength of the lines.

To ensure plan accuracy, Lightship performs pier studies to determine the general condition of the berthing facility, current rated capacity of fittings, and original design capacity. We utilize industry standards to properly reduce the rating of all bollards. Mooring lines are positioned to minimize the degree of mooring line angles, reduce the overloading of pier bollards, reduce overloading of mooring lines and ensure safety factors are met.

Lightship Supports The Maritime Administration

When the Maritime Administration had to deactivate some supertankers at a remote pier in New England and ensure they would withstand most hurricane conditions, they turned to Lightship to develop their mooring and heavy weather plans.

When the Maritime Administration had to secure one of their cargo vessels to a pier in an active channel for long term lay-up, once again they chose the owners of Lightship to develop the mooring and heavy weather plans.

Lightship Supports Texaco

When Texaco needed a condition survey of a wooden pier that had been damaged in a collision, they turned to Lightship to provide a thorough survey of the pier, complete with samples of pilings and whales!

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