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Thermal Building Systems

What is a Standard Structural Insulated Panel?

SIP Structure Structural insulated panels, or SIPS as they are commonly called, are used in commercial and residential applications as exterior wall and roof systems. The advantages of using SIPS include the speed of construction (over conventional framing) as well as the increased performance ratings. A standard R-11 2x4 stick framed wall is only R-11 between the studs, but the studs may comprise up to 20% of the wall area. The actual performance of that wall is closer to R-9! A 4.5" urethane panel, on the other hand, carries an R-value of 25, and has that R-value through virtually the full surface of the wall. A second major factor in energy efficiency is air infiltration. Because of the positive foam seal between panels and around window and door openings, panel homes regularly turn in record low infiltration values in blower door tests. Duplicating this degree of tightness; with conventional systems is inevitably more expensive.

Panels Represent a "Green Building" Technology

SIPS achieve their "green" rating for two reasons; first for the increased energy efficiency, and second because they are manufactured with sustainable components. Structures built with SIPS are 50% more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts.

Come visit us at this year's Rhode Island Home Show in March. We will be conducting two seminars entitled "Building Green with Structural Insulated Panels."


SIP Veneer and Core Types

The majority of panels manufactured in this country utilize expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores. While EPS cores have been the industry standard, polyurethane core panels are becoming more popular.

The benefit of the polyurethane core is the denser core allows for increased R-values, while minimizing the overall panel thickness. Lightship Group's manufacturer "Winterpanel" is one of only three facilities in the country producing polyurethane cores.

Interior applied veneers range from sheetrock, imperial board, tongue and groove (T:6), pine or durarock.


Lightship's SIP Services

Our talented staff will work directly with building owners or hand in hand with architects and builders to complete SIP projects. We offer complete sales, design, engineering and installation services.

From conception to completion, designing with SIPS has never been easier. If you are considering an addition -- building with energy efficient SIPS can eliminate the need for a costly heating system upgrade.

Check out the slideshow of our latest SIP project!

Please call Traves Ogilvie at (401) 295-2416 for pricing.


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