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Machinery Alignment

Properly Aligned Shaft Mis-aligned Shaft

The Lightship Group's engineers have the equipment and expertise necessary to perform precision alignments.

Misalignment is the leading cause of machine failure. Proper alignment is a critical process in the fight to minimize machinery "downtime." Improperly aligned machines can cause premature failure of both the drive and driven components including bearings, seals, motors, pumps and couplings.

Some documented results following a precision alignment are:
- Extended bearing life by a factor of eight in a large class of rotating machines.
- A 12% increase in machine availability.
- Machine breakdowns resulting from misalignment were cut in half.
- Experienced a 7% reduction in overall maintenance costs.
- Identified improperly installed equipment (during warranty acceptance testing).
- A TAPPI Report showed an 11% power savings on a group of simple motor assemblies.

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