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Spare Parts Inventories

 Our technicians will gladly inventory your spare parts

Lightship utilizes experienced maritime personnel for marine inventory projects including Chief Engineers and Mates, assuring accuracy and efficiency. The inventory and the development of the report will be done with professionalism and in a timely manner. These individuals have performed inventories for marine clients that include both shipboard and shoreside applications and industrial clients.

Lightship's experience in database development, implementation, and maintenance, combined with our experience in the logistics field, enables us to provide an accurate analysis of each facility's state of preparedness in relation to the spare parts inventory.

Our list of satisfied clients in the Marine Industry includes:

  • Seaworthy Systems Inc.
  • U.S. Maritime Administration
  • American Overseas
  • American President Lines
  • IUM
  • Puerto Rican Marine Management
  • Standard Oil of Ohio
  • Cabot LNG
  • Trinidad
  • Energy Transportation
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • International Ship Building Corp.

Lightship has unique engineering expertise in the operational analysis and establishment of computerized spare parts inventory systems. This work has been performed for a number of clients to re-vamp their existing inventory systems, resulting in improved information flow and enhanced overall cost control.

The accurate accounting of available spare parts will enhance the overall cost control and assist in the development of our client's maintenance schedules and priorities.

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