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Lube Oil Analysis

At 1000x magnification, this lube oil sample shows laminar platelets, indicating rolling contact failure or bearing wear.
Laminar Platelets

When integrated into a complete preventative maintenance program, will provide advance notice of oil degradation, oil contamination and machine wear. Oil Analysis can be performed by utilizing a variety of technologies. A Lightship Engineer is ready to assist you in choosing the proper method to ensure you receive the required results.


Samples are electrically charged and results are obtained from the amount of light energy emitted or absorbed. Spectrometric Analysis can detect twenty common elements, wear particles, contaminates, additives.


Results are obtained from magnetically extracting ferrous contaminants. The advantage of Analytical Ferrography is that the source, cause and scope of equipment wear can easily be determined. The analysis determines both the type and metallurgy of the wear particle, allowing the analysts to 'see' inside operating equipment to identify abnormal wear conditions.


Analyzes the infrared spectral region of the sample's chemistry. The advantages of Infrared Spectroscopy are:
- Detection of Carbon, Hydrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Nitrogen
- Chemical Sensitivity helpful in the detection of Process Chemicals

Predict USA's Equipment Specific Analysis programs are packages of tests (both Wear Particle Analysis and Used Oil Analysis) specifically designed to monitor gearboxes, engines, compressors, turbines, motors and other machinery.

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