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US Navy Aircraft Carrier Machinery Condition Assessment (MCA) Program

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) transits off the coast of Southern California.

The Lightship Group, LLC (ASK Services) provides vibration analysis to the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers in support of their Machinery Condition Analysis Program. The primary objectives of the Machinery Condition Analysis (MCA) program is to provide accurate and timely condition assessments, fault diagnostics and repair recommendations for the rotating propulsion and auxiliary machinery based on vibration analysis, performance data, reviews of maintenance data and visual inspections of machines. This information is used in planning repairs as well as machinery acceptance after repair for over 6,000 machines. Lightship will also be responsible for extensive Vibration Analysis training of shipboard personnel. With over twenty five years experience; the contract was awarded as a “Best Value to the Government”

Lightship has an intense understanding of Shipboard Condition Based Maintenance and Vibration Analysis Surveys are a key component in Commercial Shipping for classification societies Continuous Improvement Programs recognized by ABS, DNV and Lloyds.

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