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Infrared Imaging and Thermographic Surveys



The basis behind infrared imaging and thermography is that all objects emit energy, of which only a small part is visible. When the surface temperature of an object is much higher than its surroundings, as with molten metals or a light bulb filament, heat is visible. At lower temperatures, this energy is visible only to infrared scanners.

Infrared imaging can be used to identify a variety of problems when scanning electrical equipment. Loose connections, dirty connections, faulty contacts, and overload conditions can be quickly pinpointed. In piping systems, lagging leaks, valve leaks, piping leaks and condenser leaks can be located. Boilers can be surveyed to locate air and stack gas leaks, lagging leaks, and refractory problems. Machinery can be scanned to locate areas of excessive friction resulting from lubrication problems or bearing failure.

The Lightship Group's engineers and technicians not only have the training and experience to conduct infrared repair surveys on your vessel or in your plant, but they also have the hands on experience to assist you with planning the most cost effective way to complete needed repairs.

A complete report is provided listing equipment, machinery and systems surveyed; the results obtained for each equipment; fault diagnosis of each problem; and the suggested corrective action. Below is a sample report which you can click for a larger view. 

Sample of thermography report. Click for larger view.
Sample report - Click for larger view

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